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Full Version: Fireworks Celebration Kit doesn't work
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Hi, let's go straight to the important stuff!

I found a game that doesn't load: "The Complete Computer Fireworks Celebration Kit", but it do on Vice. It can be downloaded from here:


Thanks bero for your great emulator!
Try turn off the "asynchron" option in the 1541 floppy options (to force 1541 floppy CPU clock rate to be equal to the C64 CPU clock rate), because it runs then at me.

And VICE x64sc 2.3.10 loads it only at me, if x64sc is configured, that x64sc emulates a NTSC C64, otherwise it fails in x86sc also, so it seems to be a NTSC game. And even Hoxs64 doesn't load it, so it seems to be really a NTSC game.

Micro64 emulates at the moment only a PAL C64 as Hoxs64 does it too.
Hi bero, you are right.

I turn off the "asynchron" option in the 1541 floppy options and now the game works, thank you!
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